Black Hat 2018

Black Hat 2018

CRN is live at Black Hat 2018 in Las Vegas this week with the latest news, interviews and insights from this major cybersecurity event.

10 Top Cybersecurity Trends To Watch For At Black Hat 2018
As we head into Black Hat 2018, CRN talks with executives from nine prominent cybersecurity vendors to see the top cybersecurity trends they are on the lookout for at this year's event.

10 Cool Network And Endpoint Security Products Unveiled At Black Hat USA 2018
Here's a look at 10 products released during Black Hat USA 2018 that boost security around the network and endpoint by doing everything from protecting against signatureless malware to inspecting encrypted traffic to securing USB devices.

Black Hat USA 2018: RSA's Faraz Siraj Discusses Top Cybersecurity Trends
RSA's Faraz Siraj discusses the visibility that SOC and SIM solutions provide for the security operation center.

Sophos: SamSam Ransomware Creates A New Victim Each Day
Sophos releases a new report about the ransomware SamSam ahead of Black Hat USA 2018 conference.