On The Record

  • Microsoft and Google unveiled upgrades to their mail services on the same day. The real battle, however, is taking place among solution providers, some of which are finding ways to leverage Gmail as the back end and Outlook as the front end in an effort to cuts customers' mail costs.

  • For solution providers one of the developments we are now beginning to see is the desire on the part of the superpowers to demand higher levels of loyalty. I'm convinced we are going to see more top-tier players attempt to look more partners in the eye and say it's either them or us, you choose, but you can't play in both camps.

  • Cloud-savvy SPs will be the new, most highly sought-after channel players by suppliers over the next two years.

  • From my observations, VMware is beginning to believe its own PR. I don't think it's as focused on the channel and channel marketing as it should be, and I don't think it is taking the Microsoft threat seriously enough.

  • Have you honestly spent as much time thinking and doing things that can help drive new revenue as you have taking costs out?

  • A new year is upon us. At this point, your sales team is hunting for projects that are unlikely to begin before 2009's year-end. So are you optimistic about 2010? What bigger themes should you be thinking about?

  • Like it or not, the federal government is and will continue to play a bigger role in business decisions for the foreseeable future. If the government is going to put its nose in the tent, there are some things it should do.

  • Our business here at UBM Everything Channel is so different now that I feel a need to tell you about our strategy and how you can leverage it.

  • If Microsoft really wants to determine the entire customer's experience, it needs to go after the total customer experience to give it some benchmark data it can use for comparison as we move further along the path to cloud computing.

  • You're going to be listening to the cloud computing hype and how to deal with it for years. Like all trends in this industry, it will take two to three times longer to play out than the analyst consensus predicts.

  • There is no doubt in my mind that once the government controls the health-care system it is going to force the digitization of health-care records, forms, payments, etc.

  • Oracle swooped in last week and snatched Sun Microsystems from the grips of IBM in a last-minute maneuver that puts Oracle in the hardware business and gives it ownership of the underleveraged Java development software.

  • Is high-tech headed toward the same end zone as the auto, financial services and banking industries?

  • While no one knows whether or not President Barack Obama's $787 billion stimulus package is going to work, we do know it is going to put some serious cash into the market.

  • There's plenty of concern around the banking industry. I get that. Credit is essentially a utility that has to be provided and protected. But then along comes the auto industry handout, soon to be followed by who knows how many other handouts. The inside-the-beltway types are throwing around billion-dollar spending packages like it's rock salt being used to clear a New England driveway.

  • As they say on Wall Street, the trend is your friend. The discussion around cloud computing can and should be used to your sales advantage

  • Suppliers that don't have well-defined channels or are run by executives with little experience in indirect sales will pull back.

  • It sounds counterintuitive in a recession, but when the current customer set pulls back on its deployments, solution providers cast a wider net.