Verteks Consulting CEO Explains Why He's Focused on Training In 2018

Don Gulling, CEO of Verteks Consulting, has made a big investment in training in 2018.  

“Our focus now is on upscaling our current staff,” said Gulling in CRNtv’s C-Suite Spotlight.  

“We’re doing training with Hewlett Packard, Ruckus, WatchGuard. And, we’re also bringing in the ability to have an on-site training ourselves so we can train clients,” he said.  “I do believe in 2018 we’re going to see a lot more training.  So, anyone in that training business – they better get ready.”

Gulling founded Verteks Consulting in 1996. The Florida-based networking solution provider focuses on managed services for small businesses, unified communications and specialized project work. 

This year, Gulling says he believes security is the number one trend in technology.  

“Not just perimeter security like Watchdog, but internal security: secure Wi-Fi through Ruckus or secure certificate system,” he said.  “Anything that touches on security or identity management, access control – all of that is wide hot. 

For more of Gulling’s interview, watch CRNtv’s C-Suite Spotlight video.