Tips To Align Your Marketing And Sales Teams For Success

A widening gap between marketing and sales teams at channel companies could lead to a doomed marketing campaign, according to The Channel Company CEO Bob Skelley, who said the emergence of digital marketing is only making the problem worse.

“There had always been this gap between sales and marketing organizations, and what we’re finding is that digital marketing and the digital marketing revolution was creating a wider gap than ever before,” said Skelley.

The Channel Company is the parent of CRN.

In one example provided by Skelley, the marketing and sales teams disagreed on how they were spending marketing dollars.  The marketing team said the funds were going to SEO and a content marketing strategy, while only a small percentage of the sales team knew that any funds were going to SEO.

Skelley said sharing ideas across the teams, creating shared goals and determining success metrics could make a big difference in uniting the teams.

For more tips, watch CRNtv’s video.