WATCH: Samsung Galaxy Note9 Takes Over Barclays Stadium

CRNtv caught all the action at Samsung Unpacked on Thursday, where the tech giant debuted the new Galaxy Note9.

The new Galaxy Note9 features a larger display and an enhanced S Pen stylus. Plenty of other specs -- including the battery, storage and camera -- also are getting upgrades in the Note9, as well. 

“On many variables, this is the most advanced phone,” said Patrick Moorhead, analyst and founder of Moorhead Insights & Strategy.  “It has an edge-to-edge display, which Samsung is always noted for.  It has a Super AMOLED display.  Another key differentiator is the pen.”

The new version of the S Pen connects to the Note9 over Bluetooth, and the button on the S Pen can now be used to open apps and take certain actions within apps. For instance, you can take a photo or move forward a slide in PowerPoint with a press of the button. The default setting is for the S Pen to open the camera by holding down on the button, but users can customize how the button is used, executives said. 

“What we’re trying to do and what Samsung is really good at over the last couple of years is taking what we’ve learned in the business consumer space and really applying it in the business-to-business space,” said Michael Coleman, Samsung’s mobile channel chief.

DeX is one way the company is doing that. Over the years, Samsung has promoted its DeX offering as a way to run a desktop Android experience off a mobile device. While DeX was previously only available by connecting a smartphone to a docking station or pad, users can now use DeX by connecting the Note9 to a display via a USB-C to HDMI dongle. 

“The good thing for Samsung is the Note9 is more distinguished than the S 9.  I think this will compete better with the iPhone X than the S 9 did,” said Moorhead.

Watch CRNtv’s video included in this article for a full recap.