Emerging Vendors 2018: Top Big Data Companies You Need To Know

top big data companies

The New Generation Of Big Data Leaders

Growing volume, faster velocity and greater variety: The three characteristics that define big data today. Businesses are struggling to collect, prepare, manage and analyze all this data -- and many of the technologies they used in the past just can't cut it today.

That's given rise to a new generation of startups in recent years that are developing leading-edge software to help businesses derive value from their ever-increasing stores of data. Some of these products are more IT-centric tasks like cleaning, transforming and managing data, while others are designed to help analysts, data scientists and everyday information workers gain access to data and derive insights that can provide a competitive edge.

As part of CRN's 2018 Emerging Vendors list, here are 15 hot big data companies, all founded in 2012 or later, that solution providers should be aware of.