GreenPages CEO Ron Dupler's 5 Digital Era Mandates

Innovation Is The Fuel

"Innovation is the foundation of the digital era," said Dupler. "It is being driven by the speed and pace of change we are responding to as businesses and humans."

Throughout history, innovation primarily has been about innovating in the physical world, said Dupler. In the digital transformation era, it is about innovating with software in the cyberworld, he said.

"Innovation is the fuel of the digital era," said Dupler. "What is not possible today? Not a lot. As you innovate with your teams, think about what is possible. It astounds me. It boggles my mind day today when I look at what people are working on. There is not a lot that is not possible."

When companies are equally adept at innovation, the winners will be those that "can execute on the ideas," said Dupler. "The questions for companies are: Do you have a culture of innovation? Are you hiring innovative people? Do you have a process from which innovative ideas can emerge, and then can you get it done?"