GreenPages CEO Ron Dupler's 5 Digital Era Mandates

Velocity Starts At The Software Layer

"Velocity is most important at the software layer," said Dupler. "Most of the tremendous innovation we see with disruptive business models is taking place at the software layer. That is where velocity becomes imperative."

Dupler said the key to the success in moving from traditional models to hybrid IT and finally to digital era IT is about increasing velocity at the software layer.

"The impediments here are similar to agility," said Dupler. "Old architectural development process paradigms are holding companies back. The issue is the underlying infrastructure, processes and people were built for a completely different era."

That said, digital era velocity is not about "anarchy," said Dupler. "You have got to provide velocity for your organization, but you cannot let go of security and compliance mandates, which are more important than they have ever been. Therein lies the hard part of this."