GreenPages CEO Ron Dupler's 5 Digital Era Mandates

Customer Experience Is King

"Customer experience is king in the digital era," said Dupler, pointing to GreenPages' software partner Microsoft, which defines customer experience as engaging customers, empowering employees and optimizing operations.

"At the end of the day, customer experience wins," said Dupler. "If we look at the amazing things going on with the companies that are transforming the world today, they are transforming either the way we interact and do things in our private lives or in our business lives."

Dupler pointed to Amazon as the best example of a company that delivered "profound change" in the way consumers buy things, starting with books.

That Amazon customer experience leadership has also reshaped the technology landscape with Amazon Web Services, which has transformed the speed at which developers can write game-changing applications, said Dupler.

"The companies that we think of as disrupters and winners in the digital economy are the companies that are transforming customer experience," he said.