5 Ways Intel Is Trying To Reinvent The Modern PC

Intel Reframes The PC As A 'Personal Contribution Platform'

Even as Intel moves away from being a PC-centric business, the semiconductor giant is making a new push for personal computers by reframing them as a "personal contribution platform," which the company outlined this week at Computex 2018 in Taipei. 

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company made a series of moves this week to promote the PC as a place to enable an individual's "greatest contribution," a term Gregory Bryant, head of Intel's Client Computing Group, used in his Computex keynote. The executive said Intel will achieve this in three ways: by providing a platform that helps people focus "amidst all the chaos," maximize their creativity, and connect and build communities.

That was an encouraging message to Randy Copeland, CEO of Velocity Micro, a Richmond, Va.-based systems builder and Intel partner.

"The key takeaway of Intel's Computex announcements for me is the new and improved emphasis on the PC. Intel has led the PC to be the center of creativity and escape for 40 years, and we absolutely love that innovation for the platform is fully accelerating," he told CRN.

In Bryant's keynote, he said Intel aims to transform the PC into that "personal contribution platform" through five key areas: performance, connectivity, battery life, adaptability and intelligence. In the following slides, we break down what Intel rolled out this week at Computex.