5 Things To Know About Intel Interim CEO Robert Swan


CFO Taking Over After Krzanich Resignation

Intel sent shockwaves in the tech industry Thursday when the company announced the resignation of CEO Brian Krzanich following the disclosure of a prior consensual relationship he had with an employee.

Taking Krzanich's place as interim CEO is Robert Swan, the company's chief financial officer who had joined in October 2016. While Swan will lead the company's daily operations, the firm has begun a search for its next permanent chief executive, which will draw from internal and external candidates.

Krzanich was a longtime employee at Intel, having first joined as an engineer in 1982. He became chief operating officer in January 2012 and was then named Intel's sixth CEO in May 2013, succeeding Paul Otellini, who had served in the role since 2005 and died last fall.

In the following slides, we highlight five things you should know about Swan's career.