Can You Hear Me Now? Xerox Gives Customers Voice Control Over Multifunction Printers

xerox gabi

Xerox Wants Users To Get Gabi With Their Copiers

As the printer market gets ever more competitive, Xerox is hoping to stand out by offering voice control for some of its multi-function printers. Partnering with Gabi Solutions, the company has built a product using IBM's Watson voice recognition technology that lets users print, scan and email, and initiate service calls using their voice.

Xerox and Gabi said Watson was a better option than similar offerings from Amazon or Google for two reasons: First, it does not listen to conversations in the work place, and second, Watson offered them a palette of languages for users, which the competition could not match.

Gabi Voice is available on 10, mid-range, multi-function printer models at the moment, using the version of Xerox's Extensible Interface Platform, which is available only on AltaLink devices, the company said.

The following are excerps from interviews with Xerox and Gabi Solutions execuitves about their alliance and the new Xerox product.