5 Ways Xerox CEO John Visentin Plans To Boost Sales

Xerox's Internal Organization Is Bulky And Inefficient, Which Hurts Decision Making

"The processes and the systems we use are complex," said Visentin. "As is our operating model. For example, there's a lack of clarity on decision authority and who is accountable for outcomes in our current matrix organizational construct. Often the result is management by committee and a painful decision-making process.

"We have over 1,000 IT systems. It takes resources to manage all these systems and disparate data from various systems hampers the decision-making process.

"From order entry to product install to repair and billing we need to redefine our supply chain, not only to meet customer requirements, but also to increase our competitiveness. We will anchor the transformation of our business on improving how we serve our customers and partners. Better differentiating our products services, systems and resources, based on the way they want to be served."