5 Ways Xerox CEO John Visentin Plans To Boost Sales

Simplifying The Business Model

"This is more than just process optimization," said Visentin. "We need to optimize the way we are organized. Our product portfolio, our supply chain, our financial model. Xerox carries the legacy of a much larger business. With processes, systems and resources (that are) beyond what are required or affordable today. We need to change the way we operate. In our supply chain, we need to think differently and holistically to eliminate costs, while ensuring that we get the right offering to the right customer at the right time.

"We will drive for greater efficiencies, reduce complexity and faster time to market to enable an end to end customer experience. As we improve our operations. We know that to be a tech company, we must reenergize our innovation engine. And to revamp our innovation business model. To invest in our own capabilities as well as M&A to enable commercialization of technologies we create. We also need to pursue more partnerships to accelerate our competencies while still maintaining our core differentiation and IP for value capture."