9 Things To Know About Samsung's Galaxy Note9

S Pen

Samsung says that fans of the Galaxy Note series have long used the S Pen for more than just note-taking. Navigation, such as by opening apps with the stylus, has been another big use case. That gave Samsung the idea to build more functionality into the S Pen for the Note9 release, executives said in briefings with reporters this week. The new version of the S Pen connects to the Note9 over Bluetooth, and the button on the S Pen can now be used to open apps and take certain actions within apps. For instance, you can take a photo or move forward a slide in PowerPoint with a press of the button. The default setting is for the S Pen to open the camera by holding down on the button, but users can customize how the button is used, executives said. While just a few apps work with the S Pen button to start -- including the camera, voice recorder and PowerPoint -- Samsung plans to open up its SDK in September so that developers can enable more apps to work with the S Pen button. Additionally, Samsung said that the S Pen re-charges while stored inside the phone, and can fully charge up within 40 seconds.