5 Business-Friendly Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Note9

S Pen

Another major enhancement with the Galaxy Note9 is on the S Pen stylus, which is stored inside the phone. The new version of the S Pen now connects to the Note9 over Bluetooth, and the button on the S Pen can now be used to open apps and take certain actions within apps. That opens up a number of use cases for business and professional users, Coleman said. For instance, businesspeople doing presentations on the road can move to the next slide in PowerPoint by pressing the S Pen button (with the device connected over DeX).

While just a few apps work with the S Pen button to start -- including the camera, voice recorder and PowerPoint -- Samsung plans to open up its software development kit in September so that developers can enable more apps to work with the S Pen button. "I can't wait for the SDKs to be released into the ecosystem, to be able to start to really develop things well beyond what we've even thought of for the S Pen," Coleman said.