5 Business-Friendly Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Note9


Samsung has done a major upgrade for the amount of storage available in the Galaxy Note9 versus previous Galaxy devices. While the Galaxy S9 and Note8, for instance, have been available with 64 GB of internal storage, the entry-level configuration for the Note9 comes with 128 GB of internal storage. Samsung is also offering a Note9 model with a massive 512 GB of storage. While that's already more storage than some laptops come with, Nielsen said, the Note9 can be expanded with up to a 512-GB microSD card, as well. "Think about having videos and everything you need to do a sales process in your pocket," Nielsen said. "There are all these different use cases where you need lot of storage, and you might not have connectivity. This lets you have everything in your pocket, and you can just plug in with cable and showcase anything you want."