Intel's 5 Biggest Announcements At The Data-Centric Innovation Summit

Optane DC Persistent Memory Is Gamechanger

Intel has been teasing Optane memory for the data center for most of this year, but the product has now started to ship to select customers, the company revealed. Shenoy called Intel's Optane DC Persistent Memory a gamechanger that can bring about "workloads that weren't possible before" and solve "bottlenecks in the DRAM tier" of memory. The company is promising large performance gains with Optane Persistent Memory. For example, the company said it can improve Spark SQL DS performance by a factor of seven. It can also accelerate server start time from minutes to seconds and improve availability from three nines to five nines.  The new memory type is being supported in the company's upcoming Cascade Lake Xeon chip, which comes out later this year.