Intel's 5 Biggest Announcements At The Data-Centric Innovation Summit

Next-Gen 10NM Server Chip Out 2020

The company said its next-generation, 10-nanometer server processors will come out in 2020. But while that means the product -- code-named Ice Lake -- will come out later than AMD's comparable 7nm server chip, which is due out next year, Intel maintained that the company will remain competitive with products coming out in 2019 that are based on its current 14nm process. To prepare customers and partners for Ice Lake, Shenoy said the company's 14nm Cooper Lake server chip coming out next year will share a common hardware platform. Cooper Lake is expected to bring significant performance gains, as well as new I/O features and Intel's new Deep Learning Boost capabilities. Jim Keller, AMD's former lead chip architect who joined Intel earlier this year, said 10nm processors are his main focus now. "The technology is so good – getting it out is really complicated and hard," he said.