5 Companies That Came To Win This Week


The Week Ending May 11

Topping this week's roundup of companies that came to win is Dell Technologies for its plans to offer expanded rewards for partners that cross-sell products from the company's seven brands.

Also making the list this week is Microsoft for giving cloud service partners the ability to sell subscription licenses for Azure RI, Windows Server and SQL Server products. Nutanix makes the list for its new cloud management and security offerings that help manage the high costs of public cloud usage. And solution provider Atrion Communications is a winner for a savvy hire in cybersecurity while Presidio is on the list for a savvy acquisition.

Not everyone in the IT industry was making smart moves this week, of course. For a rundown of companies that were unfortunate, unsuccessful or just didn't make good decisions, check out this week's 5 Companies That Had A Rough Week roundup.