CRN Interview: Ingram Micro's Paul Bay On The Importance Of Being A Business Consultant

Has the adoption of new technologies like cloud or the Internet of Things led to a fundamental shift in how Ingram Micro works with its partners?

The business model shifted completely. When I talk about the business partner and being a business consultant, it's not about the technology and the output. It's about what is the business outcome that we're trying to solve for? And then we back into, what's the right way to solve for that business outcome? Our conversations a half-dozen years ago were, "Here's all this technology, let's go solve for this.' Today, it's, "Let's go understand, as a business consultant, what are you trying to solve for as a business at the end-user level?' And then once we have that conversation, there's a number of different ways that we can go about that. It's not as much about the technology. It's about how we're solving for that [business outcome].