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MSP-Centric Vendors Rally Around Expanded Datto/Autotask Platform

Last week's DattoCon 2018 conference was not only a chance for Datto to make significant upgrades to its storage, networking, and business management platforms, but also an opportunity to show how its acquisition last year of Autotask created an expanded platform for MSP-focused vendors to bring their products and services to MSPs.

Austin McChord, Norwalk, Conn.-based Datto’s CEO and founder, told MSPs at the conference that the expansion of Datto from a company focused on storage and security to one that encompasses a wide range of MSP technologies comes at a time of significant growth in the MSP market.

Datto estimates the SMB IT business to currently be worth about $40 billion, of which half is provided via MSPs. That opportunity is expected to grow to $72 billion by 2022, McChord said.

DattoCon 2018 also provided a way for vendors across the full spectrum of IT services to reach out to the huge base of MSPs who work with Datto and Autotask. For a look at what 15 of those vendors are providing, turn the page.