Getronics CEO Nana Baffour Talks Strategy, M&A, And Achieving The $1B Milestone With Purchase Of Pomeroy

A New Player Enters The Field

With the purchase of Pomeroy, Getronics just became a big player in the U.S. channel. CEO Nana Baffour is leading Getronics back to the U.S. as the head of a 9,000-employee solution provider behemoth that does business in 110 countries. This comes 10 years after Getronics exited the market, selling its U.S. assets to CompuCom.

The move also pushed Getronics and Pomeroy's combined revenue north of $1 billion, according to Baffour, a milestone he accomplished well ahead of his self-imposed 2020 deadline.

"We still behave like a startup. I tell people we are the biggest technology startup that you've never heard of," Baffour told CRN. 

In a wide-ranging discussion, Baffour talked how he plans to change that in the next year, and about his approach to management, his aggressive M&A strategy, and the future of Pomeroy.