Getronics CEO Nana Baffour Talks Strategy, M&A, And Achieving The $1B Milestone With Purchase Of Pomeroy

As you prepare to lead this massive new company, can you talk about some of your core business principles?

We have three prongs of our value creations, one of which is our human capital. Our human capital is the biggest piece of our core structure. Over the years, a lot of integrators haven't really approached human capital the way that the Googles of the world or the Facebooks have approached them because the idea was, ‘Well, we're really not innovating, and we're looking for low costs and so forth.' Our approach has always been if we can [improve] our human capital through leadership programs by innovative programs, we can get a lot of value.

Our approach to customer intimacy and how we go to market with our client and our OEM partners, it's a very focused approach, very disciplined, very metrics-driven.

And then the last thing is overall innovation, how we innovate in all the things we do, taking feedback from our clients, taking feedback from our OEM partners, taking feedback from the startup community, and then in certain markets in the U.S. taking feedback even from the university research community. We use that to innovate around people, around profit, around solutions.