Getronics CEO Nana Baffour Talks Strategy, M&A, And Achieving The $1B Milestone With Purchase Of Pomeroy

You're on record as talking about M&A as a path to growth. Do you plan to stay aggressive in M&A?

We're going to continue to look at M&A. If you think about it, we are a business that, we have a 100-million-euro business in the U.K., we should do 250 million. We have a business in Germany that should be four or five times the size. We have an Asia-Pac business that should be four times the size. So we are not lacking for opportunities in the market where we are. So we're going to continue to look at M&A to fill that. Even in the U.S. we should be twice our size.

So we're going to continue to look for strong M&A opportunities which lend themselves to what it is we do best in terms of creating value for our customers as it involves using technology to digitally transform and empowering their employees. So we'll continue to be very aggressive but smart about M&A.