Getronics CEO Nana Baffour Talks Strategy, M&A, And Achieving The $1B Milestone With Purchase Of Pomeroy

You predicted the company would reach a billion-dollar milestone. Now that you've celebrated that, what are some predictions for the year ahead?

I do think that one of the big predictions that you're going to see, I think you're going to see Getronics being much more visible globally, and more visible to our clients, by which I mean that I think increasingly, as you poll potential clients and industry observers, I think they're going to be talking more about Getronics than before.

I think this is a function again of our four-point valuation approach, our financial discipline around costs, our innovation, our focus on employees and human capital, and our focus on our clients and OEM partners. So one prediction that I can make is that we are going to be more and more visible to the media and also to our clients, as they think about partners that can really help them transform.