HP Personal Systems President Alex Cho On Topping Apple At Security And Why Device-As-A-Service Is 'Growing Rapidly'

What drove you take on this role?

I'm very much already in, having run the commercial side. What was interesting when I had the discussion with [CEO] Dion [Weisler] (pictured), is we're clearly in the middle of something big. There's something much bigger that's happening. It includes, yes, getting our operational excellence in line. There is an element around really shifting from just focusing on products, to what we call focusing on people and places. We're very much insights-driven. And the first fruit of that is showing. But we've got a lot more coming across the broader portfolio. The other is the energy of the people and the leadership team is at a level that is infectious. I've been here for 23 years -- I know HP, I've been through multiple stages of it. There's a level of energy and excitement and passion for wanting to go do things -- and almost permission to [go do things] -- that is notable.

Our culture has really matured in these areas in the past few years, a lot more than I would've expected. This is a culture that is excited and has permission to go do new things, and has a passion for the customers and taking risks.