HP Personal Systems President Alex Cho On Topping Apple At Security And Why Device-As-A-Service Is 'Growing Rapidly'

What are your priorities for future innovation?

We still think there's a lot of opportunity for innovation around design. We think about form factor design, we think about material design. We also see design in getting things more svelte and thin, and having more performance. So we have a lot more to do there. And millennials continue to say that design is important, whether it's for the home or work. We have a lot more around all things connectivity. How do you enable better mobility, better connectivity? How does that enable new use cases? How do you do that in smaller form factors? We also see innovations in all of the intelligence around the device. Data allows us to make these smarter and more personalized, and [come with] new ways to provide input into it, like voice. You've seen what we've done with Alexa, just as one example.

We see also a lot of innovation still [ahead] on security. We are very much invested in making security real and meaningful. And then finally around everything-as-a-service. A lot of our work is around enabling modern device management, more-secure device management, management with our analytics platform so that we can identify if hard disks might fail in the future, and get to that hard disk ahead of time. We see many areas where innovation is just ripe.