HP Personal Systems President Alex Cho On Topping Apple At Security And Why Device-As-A-Service Is 'Growing Rapidly'

Is Alexa specifically going to be something you're adding to a lot more devices?

We've started with Alexa. I would say that we are open to more than Alexa in and of itself. Corporate environments have different needs and sensitivities versus home environments. There's also obviously a lot of growth in what's happening with Google Assistant. So we're looking at, how do we navigate among all of them, and curate the best experience on our devices? We are open to all. We're working through that roadmap.

Is the shift toward premium, higher margin devices going to continue? Where does that go next?

That's a big part of our strategy. We are now the fastest-growing premium vendor [by revenue]. We have grown double digits, we have gained seven points of share. There's no stop in that. We look at that across both our consumer and commercial spaces. It's good in many different ways. No. 1, it really pushes the innovation envelope. No. 2, it also enables us to deliver new premium experiences for our customers. It's good for our partners, because [average unit prices] go up. And as well, premium devices also have a rich opportunity for attach around displays and accessories. We see that premium is also just enabling these devices to be increasingly exciting and relevant.