HP Personal Systems President Alex Cho On Topping Apple At Security And Why Device-As-A-Service Is 'Growing Rapidly'

What inning are we at with device-as-a-service?

I won't give you an inning. What I would just say is we are in early stages. And yet, our funnel is very large, in the multi-billions. It's growing rapidly. We are now at a place that we've had a steady set of capabilities that we've been enabling and launching, device-wise, which is a persona-based way to match the right device for the right user. We launched a partnership with Apple to include Apple devices [in DaaS]. We communicated a partnership with VMware. We've communicated advances in our APM -- our analytics proactive management platform, for managing devices. A month ago, we announced an acquisition that's focused on AI ops for managing all the events. So we've had a steady stream of new capabilities, and we've got a lot more. And what that means is, we've got more value that we can offer customers. And for our channels it means, we are continuing to grow the platform. And our strategy is very much around enabling DaaS with and through our channel. That was an important design criteria for us...

You are going to see a lot more around security in DaaS, like I mentioned. You're going to see a lot more around intelligent device management services. You are going to continue to see how we grow the platforms so we can look across the lifecycle of what device management requires.