HP Personal Systems President Alex Cho On Topping Apple At Security And Why Device-As-A-Service Is 'Growing Rapidly'

What are your biggest bets going to be in commercial? What risks are you taking?

Going back to device-as-a-service -- you can call it a bet, you can call it a risk. It's shifting the dialogue from IT procurement to really more line of business, that is enabled by bringing solutions and looking at lifecycle management. And talking about more than speeds and feeds and prices, but around how do we enable better security, how do we enable more productivity for employees. How do we enable better engagement [through devices]. It turns out that millennials, while they care about compensation, what often is a swing factor is they come into a company, they think about the technology [they'll be using] and the workspace. Our solutions enter into the space of enabling better employee engagement. So that is a big shift we are investing in. We internally call it "commercial transformation."