Big Switch Networks Founder Forster On Partner Opportunities In A Pumped-Up Portfolio

How do Big Switch partners make margin on the new offerings?

A lot of our partners are considered on-premise only. This is an opportunity for them to branch out into hybrid cloud projects. We think for partners that's a really big deal. We're really trying hard to have them transition from on-prem into cloud without sacrificing the position they have with their customers today. We're trying to take a really different approach. We're a challenger out there. We're not one of the big incumbents. We're taking a totally different approach and saying, hey, look, let's take the stuff that's working in the cloud and bring it on-prem.

That probably presents a good opportunity for partners when it comes to things like migration services, lifecycle services, etc.?

I think so. If somebody talks about migration of VPC, if a partner one day shows up and says, hey, I know you think of me as the box-by-box configuration service, but now I'm the migration to VPC service, you're just playing at a different level. I believe there's margin there.