128 Technology's President On Breaking Away From The SD-WAN Pack

A lot of vendors are piling into the SD-WAN space. Does that make it difficult to differentiate?

One of the things that unique about our solution, and probably one of the things that I find the most compelling, is that it is the same underlying technology that solves many different problems. A manufacturing company might have a lot of IoT data coming in from the edge that they need to segment. They want to process some of that locally and send some of it to the cloud, and then they want to backhaul some of it to their data center. We're the only solution that can work across all three of those areas. When a company, whether it's a partner or an end customer, looks to bring in our innovation, they're building a brand new networking fabric that solves multiple problems and they can manage it uniformly. Things like global policy – implementing policy regardless of whether you're in an internal data center or Google or Amazon or Azure – is really profound and tremendously simplifying.