128 Technology's President On Breaking Away From The SD-WAN Pack

What do customers' budgets look like? What are they telling you about deployment timelines and how much they're willing to spend?

Our pipeline has increased by probably 50 percent so far this year. That's across all geographies, and that's a testament to a couple of factors. One is the amplification partners can give us. They're bringing us into more end customers, and end customers who are already deployed and are finding new use cases, and then net-new customers. You can start quite small. We've had a lot of success with companies that say let's just try it in these two locations and see if we're getting the zero-touch provisioning benefits, if we're getting the ease of management and orchestration. In many cases, they're getting a layer of security for free that they didn't even anticipate. They start finding ways they can leverage their IT spend better because of how we've reevaluated networking. You can start with our technology quite small, which dramatically reduces the barrier to entry. Once they see the benefits, they're accelerating deployments into a much larger footprint.