128 Technology's Brian Norris On Rapidly Growing Partner Ranks


128 Technology doesn't have the familiar, industry standard channel program. How do you interact with partners, and what makes 128 Technology attractive to the channel?

We work with partners in all regions – across North America, EMEA and APAC. We're looking for folks that share our vision of next-generation networking. How can we deliver that most effectively to end-user customers and how can we work with folks who can also benefit, i.e. partners. We work with partners to deliver value to end-user customers. We're building what we think will ultimately be a very valuable enterprise software company. The vast amount of our investments have been on the technology side, R&D. What we have not done is build out an army of sales executives or services and implementation folks. We are absolutely going to build the company by working with partners to deliver that to our end users.