128 Technology's Brian Norris On Rapidly Growing Partner Ranks


From your perspective, where is the channel along the journey toward a managed service model becoming the dominant go-to-market strategy?

There are a lot of legacy models in partner-land that just are under assault. The traditional VAR model maybe doesn't work real well in subscription-land. As more and more enterprises want to move to cloud offerings, that doesn't really mesh well with the traditional VAR model. There are some partners that see that transition occurring and are right there in front of it. They want to be part of it. Others are going to take a little bit longer. We don't want partnerships just to say we have partnerships, and we don't want partners to work with us just because they hear that 128 is a cool company. We want to work with folks that share our vision, but also can benefit from the changing partner landscape. It's changing, and it's changing for good. The traditional VAR model is likely going away. Some partners are further out on the leading edge of recognizing that market disruption. Those are the folks that seem to gravitate to us, and we to them. It's reciprocal.