128 Technology's Brian Norris On Rapidly Growing Partner Ranks


How does a partner make money working with 128?

Our partners can make money in each of the ways I just described. They can earn fees for selling our product. We help them do that, and it's very compelling because we offer a subscription service and it's a high-value, high-margin recurring revenue stream that the partner gets. As a services partner, someone who wants to install or support our product, they earn services dollars that are completely devoid of 128. We don't own a piece of that revenue stream. They're generating a revenue stream they wouldn't otherwise have, and they're having customer intimacy. We're not disintermediating that relationship. As a managed service, their benefit is they're acquiring a recurring revenue stream they wouldn't otherwise have, and it's a high gross margin revenue stream, as well. There are multiple ways partners can monetize their relationship with 128, all of which lead to high-margin recurring revenue, and they get to work with a very innovative provider of next-generation solutions.