These Are The Public Cloud Platforms With The Best Native Security, According To Forrester

No Longer Cowering From The Cloud

In the past, many security and risk professionals were anxious about their company's cloud adoption. But today, many of these same people believe the native security capabilities of large public cloud platforms offer more affordable and superior security than what the company could deliver itself if the workloads remained on-premises, according to Forrester Research.

Three key factors ensure a smooth transition to the cloud and influence selection, Forrester said: the breadth and depth of native security features; unified configuration and management; and aggressive road maps. From a breadth and depth standpoint, Forrester found that a platform's security certifications and security track record play a great role in vendor selection.

From a unification standpoint, people have found that centralized security improves not only a company's tactical, day-to-day security posture, but also helps with restructuring the company's cloud security governance processes. Finally, Forrester proposed that companies be evaluated not only on the capabilities they have today, but also the ones in development and how quickly they plan to roll them out.