6 Things Partners And Customers Can Do To Make Containers More Secure In The Cloud


Stopping The Spread Of Vulnerabilities

Container technology allows organizations to reduce their attack surface and streamline and simplify their development process in a manner that allows for continuous iteration and improvement. Allowing for software to run reliably in a multitude of computing environments via containers, however, exposes companies to both new and enhanced security risks.

For starters, any vulnerabilities in the container host kernel could provide a way into the containers that are sharing it. But the security of containers has been enhanced in recent years through by having administrators sign for container images to ensure that untrusted ones aren't deployed. 

It doesn't end there, though. Containers should continue to be scanned after signing in the event that any new, exploitable vulnerabilities emerge. From orchestration and pen testing to securing each piece of the application to leveraging the work of containers providers, here's what partners and customers can do to maximize the security of their containers.