10 Top Cybersecurity Trends To Watch For At Black Hat 2018

Data Takes Center Stage

Businesses are hamstrung in trying to keep up with all of the threats and potential attack vectors, limiting how much can be accomplished by investing in the latest prevention technologies, according to Digital Guardian CEO Ken Levine.

But companies aren't going to find themselves on the front page of their local newspaper just because there's an intruder in their corporate network, Levine said. The more serious problems typically arise only if an intruder is able to take data from the corporate network, according to Levine.

To keep data from leaving a corporate network, Levine said businesses must understand which portions of the information are confidential or classified, as well as which users are authorized to access that information. This approach makes it possible for companies to focus on anomalous activity around the data itself rather than merely searching for threat actors in the corporate network, he said.