10 Top Cybersecurity Trends To Watch For At Black Hat 2018

Infrastructure In The Crosshairs

Bad actors are increasingly targeting infrastructure through botnets or routers, going after energy and utility systems or even the internet itself, according to SonicWall CEO Bill Conner.

Some 95 percent of all infrastructure lies in private hands, Conner said, meaning that solution providers will need to work with utility providers and government oversight authorities when pursuing a fix. Bad actors will also target the supply chain supporting the infrastructure -- which is often based in labs or academic settings -- looking for the weakest possible link, Conner said.

Infrastructure has become a more viable target thanks to new chip-based capabilities and non-commercially found malware that goes after PDFs or Microsoft Office files, Conner said. The new weaponry is better at disguising itself, making detection and prevention more laborious for infrastructure providers, according to Conner.