10 Top Cybersecurity Trends To Watch For At Black Hat 2018

Threat Vectors Continue To Proliferate

Threats are increasingly coming from a variety of sources such as email, web, IM and social media, meaning solution providers must provide customers with a viable offering that allows them to manage the disparate challenges, according to Mimecast Vice President of Channel Programs Julian Martin.

Bad actors are looking to infiltrate an organization by exploiting a gap rather than breaking down the entire fortress, Martin said. As a result, Martin said they'll profile users via email, social media and LinkedIn to ascertain what they're working on from a security perspective and then identify a different way of getting into the enterprise.  

Solution providers shouldn't keep sending out emails and hope people start to learn about security threats by being called out in a traditional way, Martin said. Instead, Martin said they need to boost awareness by figuring out ways to make the information relevant to employees sitting at their desk trying to do their day job.