10 Cool Network And Endpoint Security Products Unveiled At Black Hat USA 2018

Black Hat USA 2018

Getting Back To Basics

Vendors attending Black Hat USA 2018 have continued to keep network and endpoint security front and center, debuting offerings that protect against signatureless malware while infusing stronger threat intelligence and vulnerability assessments into the ecosystem.

Cybersecurity companies have doubled down on everything from securing removable media on the endpoint to meeting the high security demands of multi-cloud, the Internet of Things and the enterprise edge, to inspecting encrypted traffic without compromising on performance.   

Integration also has played a key role in moving the ball forward, with vendors infusing endpoint capabilities into pre-existing threat detection and response modules and wrapping managed services around their existing endpoint security tools.

Here's a look at what 10 Black Hat USA 2018 network and endpoint security vendors are doing to block suspicious traffic, zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats.