20 Hot Cybersecurity Products Announced At Black Hat 2018

Unisys TrustCheck

Unisys TrustCheck draws on the strength of the analytics model used in the cyber insurance industry to quickly and easily assess the potential financial impact of cyber risks. TrustCheck is delivered as a managed service on an annual subscription basis, giving security professionals constantly updated information about an organization's cybersecurity posture and recommended steps for remediation.

TrustCheck enables organizations to assess cyber-risk posture in economic terms, augment traditional gap assessment data with analysis of threats and controls from a client's existing security products, determine the likelihood of a cyber-related financial loss, and easily communicate risk-reduction initiatives to the board.

Through the TrustCheck service, clients have ongoing access to risk dashboards to review their cybersecurity stance. In addition, Unisys reviews the dashboards with clients on a monthly basis to discuss how to adapt to new threats and shifting positions.