20 Hot Cybersecurity Products Announced At Black Hat 2018

CrowdStrike Falcon X Premium

CrowdStrike Falcon X Premium broadens the scope of the company's endpoint protection offering by adding reports with global Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), intelligence support and custom malware analysis.

Falcon X Premium makes it possible for cybersecurity teams to automatically analyze malware found on endpoints, find related samples from a malware search engine, and enrich the results with CrowdStrike's cyber-threat intelligence. The closed-loop system provides customers with IoCs as well as intelligence reporting, resulting in a richer, more complete picture of an attack.

The product combines automated intelligence and human analysis to provide threat alerts, technical reports, customized malware analysis, intelligence orchestration, and a team of intelligence advisers. This makes it possible for security teams to learn from the attacks in their environment and apply that knowledge to proactively prevent future attacks, according to CrowdStrike.