8 Important Cybersecurity Partnerships Debuting At Black Hat

ZeroFox And Anomali, ThreatConnect And ThreatQuotient

ZeroFox unveiled new integrations with Anomali, ThreatConnect and ThreatQuotient to bridge the gap between social media and the larger threat landscape, making it easier for customers to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from social media-based threats.

The company can now offer organizations digestible social media threat data, which they can easily integrate into their existing Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) to achieve a more complete security posture. In addition, the integration will allow customers to have a holistic view of their entire threat landscape, with ZeroFox specializing in the unique social media threat indicator space.

The integration provides enhanced visibility and context for unique attacks stemming across social media, as well as the ability to immediately integrate ZeroFox threat data into an organization's existing infrastructure.