Black Hat 2018: 10 Execs On The Top Cybersecurity Threat America Faces Around The 2018 Midterm Elections

Social Engineering

The social campaigns from Russian accounts associated with Cambridge Analytica convincing people to behave in a certain manner have been far more effective than any voting machine hack, according to Veracode Vice President of Research Chris Eng. Ongoing efforts to manipulate the populace continue unabated, Eng said, with more Tweets sent out by bad actors after the election than before it. 

Disrupting the voting technology itself would be far more difficult, Eng said, since the use of different equipment and networks by different cities means that there's no one place hackers can attack and suddenly gain control, Eng said.

Although voting machines have been found to have vulnerabilities at events such as Def Con, Eng said it would require a much bigger effort to actually execute on said vulnerabilities and mess with the machines. From an offensive perspective, Eng remains skeptical about the practicality of launching a meaningful attack against voting machines at scale.