Black Hat 2018: 10 Execs On The Top Cybersecurity Threat America Faces Around The 2018 Midterm Elections

Malware Embedded In Advertisements

Accenture has worked with media companies to protect their messaging and advertising and ensure foreign entities aren't able to control or manipulate it, according to Kelly Bissell, Accenture Security global managing director.

The company can use video and image analytics to ensure bad actors haven't intentionally embedded malware into digital advertisements to monitor users, Bissell said. And from a content moderation standpoint, Bissell said Accenture can detect whether or not the user is a real person, where they're coming from and what their intent is to ascertain whether or not the comment is appropriate.

The midterm elections will accelerate the pace at which Accenture's decision-making engine needs to operate, Bissell said, and could lead to changes in the model as geopolitics and the nature of the threat changes.

For instance, content moderation used to be focused purely on legal compliance, but the standards have become more stringent over time, according to Ryan LaSalle, Accenture Security North American Lead.