Black Hat 2018: 10 Execs On The Top Cybersecurity Threat America Faces Around The 2018 Midterm Elections

Election Day Misinformation Campaigns

Modern digital media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter aren't really controlled, meaning there's no way to ensure the information being disseminated on it is accurate, according to Jonathan Goldberger, Unisys security vice president and general manager.

Traditional media outlets didn't typically report on exit poll data until voting is done for the day to avoid influencing the result, Goldberger said. But interested parties can now spread erroneous information on social media to deter people thinking about voting for the candidate who is behind from showing up, according to Goldberger. 

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) could help preserve the authenticity of exit polls by stopping the dissemination of information during certain time periods and differentiating bots from actual voters by examining what's being shared and communicated on social media, according to Goldberger. Machine learning could also help verify the authenticity of election-related messages, he said.