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Intel Gets Buy-In For Its Hardware-Based Approach To Security For Blockchain and AI

Intel's promotion of silicon-based security to better protect blockchain and artificial intelligence workloads is winning backers.

This week Intel said Docker and other vendors are beginning to use silicon-based security for blockchain and AI applications. Silicon-based security uses Intel's Intel Software Guard Extensions or "SGX" technology, a set of CPU instruction codes that enable the execution of select code and data in protected areas called "enclaves."

This week Intel said SGX, originally designed for secure remote computation and digital rights management tasks, is catching on as a way to protect sensitive data handled by blockchain and AI workloads.

Docker is using SGX to improve the security of federated learning systems, a kind of distributed machine learning that involves a large number of client devices working on a shared prediction model. SAP is using the technology for a cross-border shipping blockchain application, while blockchain startup Enigma is using SGX for a privacy protocol for executing smart contracts on the Ethereum public ledger.